Filmmaking Is Hard

The writing process is an art in itself. Careful preproduction and planning is laborious. Shoot days are exhausting. Editing is tedious and often filled with many perilous decisions.

And when you think you’re done, your work has really just begun, as you take a turn onto the festival circuit.

Many filmmakers treat their festival strategy as an afterthought. Exhausted from the filmmaking process, and often out of funds, they beg for waivers, enter a few high-profile events, and pray for the best.

This Hail Mary strategy doesn’t work.

Success Takes Planning

Reel Plan was created to help independent filmmakers plan the future of their film. Our consultants have many years of experience as award-winning filmmakers, festival judges, script analysts, directors of major film festivals, and successful media strategists. We have traveled the world attending film festivals, screening events and broadcast launches.

Now this experience is available to you.